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Gary Brower's impressive collection of poems How A Liar Combs His Hair is an exuberant mix of political satire, travel observations and life adventures. His subjects range wide from humor to homage for social outlaws. A former academic with years of activism, his work is soundly resourced and literate. He is the publisher/editor of the Malpais Review poetry quarterly, now sorely missed. A thoughtful and entertaining pick for armchair traveling. 

"Gary Brower's poetry is the one-handed clap that levels the tower of Pancoptican-USA. His poetic landscapes are polycentric, everywhere and nowhere, from the hills of Placitas and Oklahoma, to the streets of Lawrence, Albuquerque, Los Angeles, Madrid, Cairo, Guadalajara, Kingston, Machu Picchu, and beyond. His Pantheon of heroes includes poets, musicians, and ordinary people. He has achieved the Orwellian ideal, the synthesis of political and artistic purpose."

- Enrique Lamadrid, Professor Emeritus

   Department of Spanish & Portuguese

   University of New Mexico

How A Liar Combs His Hair front cover.jpg
How A Liar Combs His Hair back cover.jpg
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