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Jeanne Marie Favret came to New Mexico from Columbus, Ohio in 2004 for the beauty of the light and the vast landscapes.  A retired librarian, she is a graduate of the University of New Mexico and holds a masters degree in Language, Literacy, and Socio-Cultural Studies. 

Catalpa Trees Bloom is a charming pairing of haiku poems and photographs. Jeanne Favret invites the reader along on her meditative morning walks. The ordinary becomes extraordinary through the gift of her attention. Flowering catalpa trees, geraniums, tomatoes and cottonwoods - the four seasons are here to enjoy. 
Mimosa Trees Bloom is a gathering of poems and images from author Jeanne Marie Favret. A follow-up to Catalpa Trees Bloom, her debut collection of haiku, this longer book of poems with photographs is a wide lens look into the journey of a lively spirited woman. 
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Ocotillos Bloom from author Jeanne Marie Favret continues the homage in poetry to community, family, friendship, and the natural world that began in her previous books Catalpa Trees Bloom and Mimosa Trees Bloom. A truly enjoyable reading experience!
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