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Skinny Dipping In The Cauldron

is a delightful collection of poetry from

award winning author Lou Liberty. The poems were first performed at live venues and retain that vitality and immediacy. A rich mixture of the mythic and personal, readers will be  entertained and inspired throughout. 

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practices writing and Taiko drumming in Los Ranchos, New Mexico. She derives inspiration for her poetry and prose from the natural world, folk lore and mythology. At her Wise Crane Dojo, Lou offers Taiko classes that promote wellness and healthy aging, plus rhythmic fun. 

Widows & Orphans back cover.jpg
Widows & Orphans front cover.jpg

Widows & Orphans, 

Poems Left Behind 

is a wonderfully diverse collection of poetry by award-winning author Lou Liberty. Readers will enjoy the eclectic nature of this offering. 

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