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Michele Lang Buchanan grew up in the "Secret City" of Los Alamos, New Mexico where her father was a scientist on the Manhattan Project. Her lifelong love of learning led her to a fulfilling career as a teacher in a variety of settings including a juvenile detention center. She is an accomplished Celtic harp player and fiber artist. 

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Who Knows What Song The Sirens Sang? takes the reader on a deeper exploration of Ulysses' fabled journey. Modern day characters investigate the myths of Atlantis and the Battle of Troy and question their accepted history. In this sequel to her acclaimed historical novel Scota's Harp, Michele Buchanan provides more depth into the legacy left by these heroes and poses a new question. What song indeed did the sirens sing?  
Stayin' Alive in Special Education is a seasoned educator's advice for teachers navigating the field of special education. Dr. Michele Buchanan's richly resourced manual contains practical wisdom as well as innovative techniques for working with this challenging student population. A must-read for teachers at risk of burn out and for anyone planning to enter the profession.   
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